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A construction project begins with a vision embodied in a design. A project’s plans and specifications are developed to the satisfaction of an owner and project team. When a project’s design is inadequate, erroneous, or omits critical information, the project suffers and additional time and money are incurred to no one’s satisfaction.


Working to Resolve Concerns Efficiently and Effectively

Construction plan defects, omissions or other inaccuracies can result in escalating costs, project delays and many other problems that could have been avoided. Our attorneys play an active role with our clients throughout the construction process, whether on behalf of an owner, designer, or contractor. We consider ourselves part of the project team.

We typically review construction plans and specifications early to anticipate potential risks associated with the project, and by anticipating problems before they arise, we hope to minimize our clients' financial exposure in the event a problem occurs. Once a claim arises, our experienced attorneys can assist in its prosecution or defense, depending upon our client's relationship to the claim.

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