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Construction Law & Surety Law

At Deneweth, Vittiglio & Sassak, P.C. in Troy, our Michigan construction law attorneys have broad experience representing clients in the construction industry. Our representation extends to private and public entities.

Our experienced lawyers represent participants throughout the construction industry, from developers and project owners to architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors of all trades, and material suppliers. Our construction lawyers advise clients through all phases of a real estate project, beginning with acquisition through the design, construction contract preparation, financing, build, and close-out processes.


Alternative dispute resolution:

Every insurance policy and situation is unique. That is why we craft a personalized strategy to help resolve your insurance-related matters.


Concealed site conditions:

From undiscovered Native American sites to unexpectedly rocky soil, construction sites can play host to a wide range of unexpected surprises. When they do, we can help protect your interests and investment in the project.


Construction liens:

It is reasonable to expect to be paid when you have performed your services or have provided construction materials. If another party is delaying or refusing payment, we can help you place a lien.


Construction claim preparation, avoidance and prosecution:

Even the most well-planned project can run into problems. When they do we will do everything we can to assist in their efficient and effective resolution.


Defective plans and specifications:

When there are defects or other flaws in construction plans the cost of a project can escalate quickly. We can provide a review of plans in their early phases to help anticipate potential risks and to correct problems before they arise.


Delay claims and scheduling impacts:

When a project is delayed by even a day, the costs can be astronomical. We can help ensure that your risk is mitigated and that you are protected when a project is delayed by another party who is unable to complete the work as promised.


Design professionals:

Construction liens are not exclusively for the laborers on a project. We can help architects and engineers pursue payment against a project as well.


Federal projects:

Federal construction projects can be a boon to local businesses. However, these projects are subject to complex rules and regulations. We can help you navigate these complicated contracts.


General contractors:

General contractors often find themselves caught in the middle between project owners, subcontractors and other parties. We can help protect your interests and we will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.



There are different legal requirements for highway projects than there are for non-highway and other state public works projects. We can determine what the legal requirements are for your portion of the project.


Insurance coverage disputes:

Every insurance policy and situation is unique. That is why we craft a personalized strategy to help resolve your insurance-related matters.


Labor issues:

We help resolve labor issues on both union and nonunion construction sites so that your project can remain on track.


State public works projects:

Complex state laws apply to Michigan public works projects. Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor or supplier for this type of project, we can advise as to how the law applies to you.



We provide advocacy for a wide range of subcontractors who are having difficulty recovering payments for the work they have performed.



As a material supplier, it can be difficult to know when to demand payment. We can provide you with advice and explore your options while we pursue a resolution that can help keep your business relationships intact.


Surety and fidelity law:

We provide skilled representation to sureties, insurance and bond providers, and parties to all types of bond claims.

Business Consulting & Litigation

Deneweth, Vittiglio & Sassak, P.C. is a law firm for business litigation. We aggressively advocate in state and federal courts for our clients, whether in prosecution or defense. We litigate on a consistent basis and expect positive results.


Business formation and organization:

We provide comprehensive organizational and transactional services to businesses in Troy and throughout Michigan.


Contract preparation and negotiation:

Properly drafted contracts can help your business avoid costly litigation down the road. Our lawyers are skilled at drafting agreements and negotiating terms to ensure that you remain protected.


Employment law (Employer):

We advise and represent businesses in all matters concerning state and federal employment law.


Minority certification:

Both federal and state governments provide incentives to businesses that receive certifications regarding a minority workforce. We can let you know whether your company qualifies and we can help guide you through the certification process.


Payment and collection:

Businesses rely on timely financial transactions to help ensure their continued operation and profitability. We help resolve disputes when payment issues arise.

Real Estate Transactions

At Deneweth, Vittiglio & Sassak, P.C. our skilled attorneys draft, negotiate, and close upon a variety of real estate transactions for clients throughout Michigan. Whether it is purchasing a Sheriff’s Deed, foreclosing upon a mortgage, land contract or lien, or providing work-out counsel to borrowers, our experienced team represents clients in a variety of real estate transactions.

On a daily basis, we draft and negotiate land acquisition, disposition, and other conveyance instruments, mortgages, deeds and notes. We foreclose upon mortgages, land contracts and construction liens. In these most difficult economic times, we counsel and advocate for borrowers and lenders to resolve their troubled projects and loans.