We Provide Exceptional Legal Services For Our Clients.

Skilled Lawyers Providing Surety And Fidelity Representation

At Deneweth, Dugan & Parfitt, P.C., in Troy, our experienced fidelity and surety attorneys represent sureties, insurance and bond providers and their agents, and parties to all types of bond claims, such as payment and performance bonds, bid bonds, and fiduciary bonds.

Our lawyers are admitted to practice in all Michigan courts, in the federal courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Michigan, and the Court of Federal Claims. In addition, we actively litigate matters in mediation and private arbitration. Additionally, if appropriate, we also handle appellate matters in the Michigan and federal courts.

We Provide A Wide Range Of Legal Services

Deneweth, Dugan & Parfitt, P.C. represents sureties, contractors and subcontractors, owners and owners’ representatives, and individual indemnitors in all levels of bond claims and litigation, including mediation, arbitration, and trial, in order to resolve their fidelity and surety matters.

Our fidelity and surety attorneys assist clients with the following:

  • Performance bond claims after construction defaults
  • Completion contractor retention and oversight
  • Negotiation with owners, completing contractors, subcontractors, and defaulted principals
  • Preparation and enforcement of takeover agreements, completion agreements, financing agreements, and other collateral documents
  • Payment bond claims investigation and litigation
  • Miller Act litigation
  • Bankruptcy claims and workout agreements on behalf of sureties
  • Subrogation, salvage, indemnity, and third party recovery claims
  • Probate and miscellaneous claims

Representation In Both State And Federal Court

Deneweth, Dugan & Parfitt, P.C., has a broad understanding of surety law in the state of Michigan and under the Miller Act. Our surety law attorneys have extensive experience representing the parties with respect to all types of fidelity and surety bond matters in both state and federal courts.

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