Real Estate Transactions

Our attorneys draft, negotiate, and close upon a variety of real estate transactions.

Whether it is purchasing a Sheriff’s Deed; foreclosing upon a mortgage, land contract, or lien; or providing work-out counsel to borrowers; the lawyers at Deneweth, Dugan & Parfitt, P.C. in Troy, Michigan represent their clients in a variety of real estate transactions. On a daily basis, we draft and negotiate land acquisition, disposition, and other conveyance instruments, mortgages, deeds, and notes. We foreclose upon mortgages, land contracts, and construction liens. In these most difficult economic times, we counsel and advocate for borrowers and lenders to resolve their troubled projects and loans.

Skilled Advocacy on a Wide Range of Real Estate Matters

We advocate on matters involving:

  • Land acquisition, borrowing, and lending
  • Foreclosures of real estate secured instruments
  • Borrower defense, work-out, resolution, and consumer claims
  • Sheriff Deeds transfers, purchase, sale, and assignment

We approach all of our real estate transactions and disputes with a comprehensive understanding of the law and a practical approach to resolving our clients’ differences.

Contact Our Attorneys to Find Out How We Can Help You

We can help you with important real estate issues. Contact us online or call 248-290-0400 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

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