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Talented Lawyers For Subcontractor Rights

If you are a subcontractor on a construction project, you have the right to be paid for the work you have performed. You may hear excuses or promises of payment at a later date, but you need to protect your rights now.

The construction law attorneys at Deneweth, Vittiglio & Sassak, P.C. in Troy, Michigan, can explain your rights and help you take the steps necessary to file a construction lien.


Advocates For Subcontractors

In addition to the money owed to you, you may have your own subcontractors and suppliers who are expecting to be paid. You have an obligation to your own business and to your subcontractors to make every effort to obtain payment for work performed and supplies delivered.

As soon as you are aware of a payment that is late, contact a lawyer experienced with construction law, subcontractor rights and construction liens. At Deneweth, Vittiglio & Sassak, P.C., we work with our clients to resolve issues, such as nonpayment, as quickly as possible. We understand the issues involved, and we have experience serving a wide range of subcontractors and other service and material providers:



Concrete and asphalt contractors

Sewer and water contractors

Steel fabricators and erectors

Curb and gutter contractors

Rough carpenters

Finish carpenters

Drywall specialists

Roofing contractors

Masonry contractors


Mechanical contractors (HVAC)

Plumbing contractors

Lighting contractors

Flooring contractors

Specialty contractors

Contact Our Attorneys For Help Recovering Construction Payments

Located in Troy, Michigan, Deneweth, Vittiglio & Sassak, P.C. serves individuals and companies involved in business, construction, manufacturing, and real estate transactions and disputes. Our construction law attorneys provide our clients with a high level of knowledge and experience.

Talk to a lawyer about your rights as well as your obligations as a subcontractor. Contact us online or call 248-290-0400 to set up a consultation to discuss your legal needs.


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