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Talented Lawyers Handling Delayed Claims And Scheduling Impacts

Time is money for any business. Commencement and completion dates are of vital importance. At Deneweth, Dugan & Parfitt, P.C., we realize that delays and other occurrences that impact a project’s schedule are costly to all players involved.

Our experienced attorneys advise businesses and resolve and preserve scheduling disputes. Our history of success has made us one of Michigan’s most trusted business and construction law firms. It is critical to adhere to the contractual requirements to preserve and prosecute potential delay and other impact claims.

Construction Claim Representation

Construction projects require contractors to complete their work within budget and on time. When the work is disrupted, document control and record-keeping are of critical importance.

No party should be expected to absorb additional costs as a result of a failure of others to perform their work as agreed.

We advise how best to be reimbursed for additional costs incurred, as well as any incidental charges related to a contractor’s breach of contract.

Contact An Experienced Michigan Lawyer For Help With Construction Delays

Our law firm realizes that an idle contractor is an unprofitable contractor. We are here to help businesses and contractors get construction projects back on the correct path.

Located in Troy, Michigan, our firm serves individuals and companies involved in business, construction, manufacturing and real estate transactions and disputes. Our Michigan business and construction law attorneys provide our clients with a high level of knowledge and experience. Contact our office online today, or call 248-290-0400 to set up a telephone or office consultation to discuss your legal needs.